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The Works of Blue Sleighty


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Poetry  by Blue Sleighty

Transplant, by Blue Sleighty
I knew this girl one time
We were young together
From the same side of the tracks
The wrong side
The harshness of life showed there
On every cheaply built structure
And on every barely living soul
The minimization effort
To make it all appear otherwise
Was abandoned a long time ago
No one there cared anymore
Especially about what those
Who only care about how our presence
Affected them
Thought and said
This girl that I knew
A product of nature
She sought
To make her world alright
Interesting to observe how she went about it
She blamed her dad for all that was wrong
And praised her mother
Dead and gone
For anything she thought was right
“No matter from where the seed come
It’s the one who tend the field
Nourish the fruit
What you become and what you do
Depends, largely
On where you take root
And who the hell is watering the garden”
And then he’d spit on the ground
Shaking his head and looking down
That’s what her daddy used to say
When he was angry with her
I reckon there was a message in there
From what I understand he wasn’t her REAL daddy
And as it went
That girl got out of there
She has never even been back to visit
At least
That’s what I understand  Last time I was out that way
I took a walk
I saw that ol’ man
Amidst his rather barren yard that day
An accidental bush with one tiny bud grew
In a large expanse of not quite so green grass
That man
Was digging up the plant
I said “hello” as I walked up
He nodded but didn’t glance my way
I watched him work a while
And in a bit
He looked up with a weary smile
He says, “hey-
Why don’t you take this plant to my girl?
I guarantee you- it would never grow here.”
He looked down and spit and shook his head
I think he was trying not to cry
So was I


My Secret Obsession

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I Want You by Blue Sleighty

The view from here




Your curves bend like the highway


Enthralling me with your essence




Every soft inch of you


Burning your brand on my soul


Even when passion turns harsh


I crave you. Want you. Just can’t stop.




Overflowing love


I can’t contain it


I can’t deny it


I am your fool




I want you


I burn for you


Let me touch you


Where I know it’s good for you




Come to me.


Say you want me, too.


My Secret Obsession

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HAUNTING by Blue Sleighty

The threat of doom herself

Sat upon my chest

Squirming with glee

Enjoying the rhythmic


And the furious gallop

Of my rapidly beating heart

As fear lashed it with a whip

Still faster it went

My throat refused to function

Feeling the squeeze of her icy grip

I gasped as I sat bolt upright

Screeching protest seemed to fill my ears

Yet I could not be sure anything was truly there

How could something so heavy

Be so weightless

And disappear without a sound?

Trembling I stole a look around

But the darkness disabled any vision

From my nervous eyes

Surely this could not be

I leapt from the bed where

My lover and I lay

No sleep within that wretched room

The dog of the departed

Lay beside her master’s bed

Where my lover and I

Attempted to rest our weary heads

I said, “I’m getting out of here.”

I flung the door wide open

And sought refuge in the

Still dark morning hours

I was joined by my love

Who tried hard to console me

(Yet I was not sure it was me

That she was trying to convince)

We just tried to make it all make sense

In the lavender before dawn

At the edge of the woods

Suddenly animals warned us

Of their presence near where we stood

I found it odd to hear the challenge

Of bucks snorting from the brush

Not just one, but many

And they did not run away

My courage weakened further

As I looked towards the sky

Above the trees I saw

The ever changing shape of evil

Looking down upon us

Like a black swirling cloud of smoke

Hanging in the treetops

Or maybe a silk black shroud rippling in the wind

I looked away in disbelief

But as my eyes returned

I saw it there again

A battle of energy ensued

My lovers eyes met mine and I knew she saw it too

Our minds reeling from terror

We embraced, shaking

And focused to resist

Tried not to stare

We whispered to each other

Joining in quiet prayer

Tears streaming

We tried not to acknowledge what was there

The power was too great to ignore

The form changed its shape

Hovering in the breeze

Which blew branches in circles

Yet it never left its spot

We waited for the sun

And I squeezed my love tighter

As from the doorway

Of the departed’s bedroom

Her lonely dog began to howl and bay

Unexplained lights began to flicker

And bells from nowhere

Chimed the arrival of the light of day

We found our cases packed

My keys were in my waiting bag

Something seemed to hiss

“You’re not welcome here”

We left silently and quickly

Vowing never to return

And in my rearview mirror

I saw the dark spirit descend

Just as that place began to burn

We sped out of that town

For three hundred miles

We never spoke a word

We never made a stop

And now we only hope

These haunting dreams will cease

And that the spirit of the departed

Will somehow find her peace


My Secret Obsession

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AGO by Blue Sleighty

I woke one morning to a whisper

From the breath of magic itself

And into my ear a message crept but soft


Mystery, it said, with drama in its hiss,

May land wherever it choose . . .

I wondered what the hell it meant by this

I rose from my bed to see the morning sunshine

It colored all things yellow that lay within my realm,

And colored gold what sparkled within the dew


Like the golden wash of a great idea

Spread forth from a painters brush

So very cheery, I thought with unusual calm


Outside two stray terriers frolicked in the grass

They tugged and dragged a shining cloak

The color of the sun


They drug it to my doorstep placed at the threshold where I stood

Tilted frisky heads together in wait

Of praise for what they’d done


The cloth was fine and bejeweled

With stones and threads of gold

I sensed a pattern in it. I threw the dogs a bone


Off and away they scampered

Vanishing over a horizon that looked rather odd to me

Like something that didn’t belong there. On that picture perfect morn


What does one do with a cloak? I thought as I sought to put it to it’s use

Is it to bring one warmth, or perhaps to hide one away from view?

And once beneath the beautiful exterior , a whole new answer did ensue


You lured me beneath you

Though your presence wasn’t near

And now for once what lay behind me was perfectly clear


Beneath the cloak a place lay

Where one could solve a puzzle game

Without the gaze of others whose pointing fingers hand out blame


Beneath here we can visit where we are forbidden now to go

To face the vile and villains

And make peace in worlds we left long ago


Because we’d best not hurt them that we go there.


My Secret Obsession

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