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The Works of Blue Sleighty

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Right To Remain Silent

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu. Another great novella by Blue Sleighty. Expect humor, excitement, intrigue, heart ache, love, hate, good and bad, adventure and plenty of what Blue Sleighty is famous for . . . steamy as ever!

A Blue Sleighty style love story with mystery and intrigue. Will Blue ever find true love?    

cover by Blue Sleighty

"You know how sometimes you meet someone, and it just feels like you've known them forever?" I asked sweetly.

Joie hesitated before answering with a tentative "yes?"

"Well," I said, "that ain't us."

Professional Reviews
Right To Remain Silent
As we lay spent in each other's arms, my mind wandered to cosmic places, and a thought occurred to me, which I felt oddly compelled to communicate. "Joie?" I whispered. "Yes, baby?" "You know how sometimes you meet someone, and it just feels like you've known them forever?" I asked sweetly. Joie hesitated before answering with a tentative "yes?" "Well," I said, "that ain't us" (p 74).

The city. A neon framed world where anything can happen and often does. Where in the night sky shines a beacon of possibilities and in the shadows lurks excitement and danger. Who is that stranger and what could they be hiding beneath that coat? Could it be cupid is disguise or a wolf in tailored clothing?
Blue Sleighty’s “Right To Remain Silent” takes the reader by the hand and into the world of bar room seduction, the hope for more than a one night stand, and the dangerous line we all walk when we’re searching for love beyond sunrise.

As the story opens, Blue is once again in recovery. Never one to give up, she returns to the playing field she is most familiar with – her favorite lesbian bar. Heading into the night with her usual flair, she “had already decided . . . that night, that someone would be accompanying me home when I returned. And, I couldn't wait to meet the lucky girl- whoever she may be” (p 7).

In vivid description, the reader takes a walk on the wild side and experiences the G Spot through Blue’s eyes. As she ponders all the possibilities, she is pleasantly surprised by a little taste of New Orleans personified in the confident and stylish lesbian named Joie.

Joie approaches without hesitation and soon acquaints Blue with the irresistible charms of The Big Easy. Just as quickly as one can fall in love with New Orleans, Blue is captivated and swept away by Joie. From the moment they first lay eyes on each other, there is a combustible chemistry, both burning for each other from the start. Within forty-five minutes they are enroot to Blue’s place.

The tension mounts as the seduction continues on its course, each moment filling with their desire to consume one another. Sleighty’s descriptions are hypnotic, and it’s easy to get absorbed into their energy. The heat radiates from the pages and carries the reader over from a steamy night into an even more scorching morning. By the time they are through, Blue has no doubt that she has fallen in love again and all seems like a new, happy future for her, until….

You’ve never known good love to go bad so quickly, and to make it worse, Blue doesn’t know why. The mystery continues as Blue tries to overcome her most quick heartbreak, only to find Joie return to her life and, because of how sexually energized they are with each other, continue to turn a blind eye.

But when Joie displays behavior too strange to ignore, it’s Blue’s roommate, Dee, who has to break the news to her. Dee, a rookie cop, cares deeply about Blue, enough to shock her into reality when need be. She and Blue share a wonderful friendship where honesty is always the best policy, like it or not. When Dee delivers the truth about Joie, Blue is faced with potential decisions she would rather not have to make. Because of how she feels about Joie, Blue decides to lay low about Dee’s news, and her claim on the right to be silent gets her more than she could have ever bargained for.

Sleighty gives us a story filled with humor, hopes and dreams. She explores our tendency to associate good sex with falling in love and combines her story with passionate responses and relatable actions and consequences. Sleighty also shares insight on life’s ironies and what it means to “make hay while the sun shines”. Sleighty spares nothing from her readers and the emotional journey she takes them on is worth every minute of the read from some of the most erotic sex to some of the most disappointing heartaches of all.

There’s a survivor in Blue, one that gives us more than a series of sexual escapades and adventure. Sleighty has created a hero in Blue, one that champions for us all with a sharp wit and a sharp mind. She lives life to the fullest. She is a risk taker. She loves hard with all her body and heart. She takes a licking and keeps on kicking ass. And always, she takes life’s disappointments with a shrug of her shoulders, a dusting off of her heart, and a confident step towards whatever lies over the next hill.

“The Right To Remain Silent” must be heard. Read it. Listen. Then understand why sometimes the best answer to heart break is a good friend and a hot cup of coffee.

J. Aguilera, MLA
Professional reviewer, writer and poet
January 2, 2009

Ducking Out
cover by Blue Sleighty

DUCKING OUT by Blue Sleighty

Another saucy novella from Blue Sleighty! A story about an internet romance gone bad. REALLY bad! Excitement, adventure, danger, humor, love, life, death, break ups, make ups and plenty of what Blue is famous for . . . steamy as ever! Cover by Blue Sleighty

Blue gets acquainted with an email correspondent that she met on the internet. Hoping for a new romance, after a painful breakup, she is eager to meet her.

Her internet love interest definitely has a profound affect on Blue's life.

But things do not go as planned . . .    


"You sure are quiet, Blue", Ricky said. "What's wrong?" She pulled her little Mazda into the garage, and the door lowered behind us. I was pretty worried. There was something evil about her smile. It was more of a sneer, actually.

She was an attractive woman. She had sandy blonde permed hair, and a sprinkling of freckles, like a redhead in disguise, and green eyes. A combination that I have since learned to avoid. When we consider the animals of the earth, and we look at their natural camouflage, we can, with common sense, associate their coloring, and characteristics with the natural habitat from which they come. The tabby cat's stripe blends in with the bark on a tree, where he customarily dwells. The doberman has dots over his eyes, so that when his enemies see him sleeping in the dark, they think his eyes are open, even when his eyes are closed; the baby fawn has white spots on it's brown back, so that it will blend into the snowy landscape of the early spring. And, the sandy haired, green eyed woman is colored so, I am now convinced, to blend with the monstrous green eyed devils and lapping flames of the pits of hell.

Professional Reviews

Ducking Out
By Blue Sleighty

The tabby cat's stripe blends in with the bark on a tree, where he customarily dwells. The doberman has dots over his eyes, so that when his enemies see him sleeping in the dark, they think his eyes are open, even when his eyes are closed; the baby fawn has white spots on it's brown back, so that it will blend into the snowy landscape of the early spring. And, the sandy haired, green eyed woman is colored so, I am now convinced, to blend with the monstrous green eyed devils and lapping flames of the pits of hell (p 11).

ADventure. ADmire. ADdicted. ADieu. What happens when a good Personal AD goes bad, and when trying to make a graceful exit, you discover there’s “no where to run, no where to hide”? Blue Sleighty’s “Ducking Out” takes readers through a step by step relay that includes quick thinking, quick exits and quick changes.

Recovering from a series of life altering losses, Blue finds herself “suddenly wanting to behave badly in ways that my mother would most certainly disapprove of “ (p 5). So, she decides to explore the world of internet dating. The new bar scene for the new millennium allows Blue to explore the intricacies of seduction and romance in more informative ways, or so it seems. After all, shouldn’t a series of emails and phone calls be enough to know that this one in particular is a potentially safe bet?

Meet Ricky. She’s a cop with an attitude, willing to bend the law in her favor and take the law, and Blue, in her own hands. Her first move on Blue is to literally steal her away – can you say kidnapper? In true Blue Sleighty style, our heroine not only finds an amusing and creative way out of her situation, she ends up with the girl. The girl next door.

Lisa is an attractive woman who sympathetically invites Blue to hide out in her house until she can safely get out of the neighborhood. Her invitation is not entirely without motive. As Lisa and Blue get to know each other more, she lets Blue in on a little mystery, a mystery that only Blue can help her solve.

While trying to avoid a cop gone wild, what starts out as one night of passion becomes a series of ducking and dodging close calls. All the while, Blue opens more doors for Lisa than Auntie Mame could ever imagine! Theirs is a fantasy come true, enjoyed, explored and exploded without regard to how long it might last. This is Lisa and Blue’s ecstasy, brought to the reader between covers as stimulating as the sheets they share.

But in every paradise, there comes a snake, and in this story, that snake’s name is Ricky. She just won’t give up, trailing the duo into the Texas Hill Country, where she sets a trap that brings a final showdown. Will Blue and Lisa escape? Will they ever be free to openly enjoy each other? Is there nothing that can stop a cop on the wrong side of the law?

Sleighty’s work is a sheer joy to read. Her words entice, excite, provoke, entertain and bring to mind the adventures so often told in the lesbian pulp fiction of 1950s and 1960s. Unlike other novels that take you to distant lands, planets, historical moments, or other voyages, Sleighty, like her predecessors, writes about places that her readers can relate to in the here and now. She uses what can be seen and experienced in the present, bringing her readers into her work. In this way, she introduces her readers and her characters to each other, inviting them to take one another’s hands and dance.

“Ducking Out” is an excellent work that exceeds the expectation of erotica and adult fiction. Sleighty writes knowledgably and with a mastery that can be felt with every description, every line, and every detail she presents. You will feel the heat. Your blood will boil. You will laugh and cheer. You might just need a cold shower, a martini, and a cigarette before it’s all over.

On so many levels, Blue Sleighty’s “Ducking Out” stands along side the best of its genre and takes the extra step to compliment the saucy with one incredibly sensational story line that ties it all together. Don’t duck out on this one! It’ll be your loss!

J. Aguilera, MLA
Professional reviewer, writer, and poet

Blue's Singer AKA RoadKill Heart
Cover by Blue Sleighty

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

Blue's Singer AKA RoadKill Heart by Blue Sleighty

Have you ever had a moment of retrospection, perhaps recalling your first love, when your ultimate summation was “What the hell was I thinking?”
This is that kind of a love story. A story about a relationship that could only have happened during that wonderful stage in one’s life where we are blessed with youthful ignorance and when every taste of something new is delicious, exciting and wonderful.

Another exciting story by Blue Sleighty!

Another romp with Blue and friends. Expect humor, adventure, excitement, danger, love, hate, laughter, tears, good guys and bad guys!

And plenty of what Blue is famous for . . . steamy as ever!     


A part of me was shattered. I felt my heart sink with a thud and looked down.
It felt like my heart had dropped out of my chest.
I could see my heart flattened by that Testarosa like road kill. The Testarosa’s tire tracks imprinted blackened treads onto it’s surface after Dax ran over it, and then backed up.
I imagined reaching down with my left hand and picking it up off of the asphalt, dusting it off with some spit and the fabric of my jeans and tucking it in my shirt pocket this time, instead of attaching it to it’s normal spot on my sleeve.
It seemed just as real as any of the rest of this night.
But, a part of me was NOT shattered.
I put my right hand in my pocket withdrawing all that I was worth at the time and extended it towards Bette as I approached Dax’s car.

Professional Reviews
Blue's Singer AKA Roadkill Heart
Have you ever had a moment of retrospection, perhaps recalling your first love, when your ultimate summation was “What the hell was I thinking?” This is that kind of a love story (prologue).
A blue note. As soon as it’s hit, you know it in your soul. That’s what the blues is all about, and that’s what Blue’s Singer by Blue Sleighty captures between pages as emotionally fulfilling as a sexy sax played in the middle of a hot Texas night.

We join Blue as she journeys down the dark twisting road of love and all its passion and pain. Through a series of recollections and revelations, Sleighty pushes her readers into the arms of adventure and lets each chapter take them from one blues number to another, touching emotions that we have all shared and often do not dare admit. The characters are so well portrayed that they seem to live on the page. Sleighty’s writing style ensures readers do not simply read about the action. They experience it. After only a few paragraphs, you know you are right there with Blue.

Blue’s singer is Bette, a woman who’s presence is as sensually powerful as her voice. She is Blue’s lust and first true love, the source of exquisite ecstasy. She’s the perfect woman and the perfect match for Blue, except for one thing – her dominating, manipulative father. He alone stands between true love conquering all: “Powerful people worried me. The desire to have power made some men insane. I liked my life. And, I was fond of my hide. I tried not to piss off the wrong people” (79). He’s the only one powerful enough to be more than a threat and make that threat a reality. He’s the only one that can offer Bette something that means more to her than Blue – a career.

Just as bittersweet as the collection of music expertly referenced throughout the story, Sleighty explores the joys of romantic love, the passion of sexual expression, and the rush of trying to hang on to a heart gone wild. Addiction to the love of one’s life makes it difficult to say no, and with each new memory unfolded like a woman’s secrets under the expertise of a lover’s hand, we discover just how easy it is to succumb to the will of the woman that holds the heart.

In the midst of the romantic tug of war is the physical threat that haunts Blue, and when that threat returns to pay her back for the humiliation suffered at her hands, the price is a high one to pay. A price that puts Blue at the mercy of a rescue from an unwelcomed bass player joining Bette’s band and the final choice that will change her life, and the shape of her heart, forever. Ah, but in true Blue Sleighty style, she pulls herself up by her bootstraps and ends up with the upper hand, her heart a bit more bruised but still undefeated.

Much more than simply a story of sex and romance, this story explores issues of identity, life choices and the prices paid and consequences left to face. Between right and wrong, lies the heart at the mercy of decisions, or indecision, and the various lives traveling along the road, in who’s hands is the power to give a heart a ride, a destination, or to hit and run, leaving whatever remains in the fumes of exhaust and the glow of disappearing tail lights.

Blue’s Singer aka Road Kill Heart will fulfill all expectations of excitement and adventure, tugging at the heart strings of any romantic while at the same time entertaining with visually enhancing descriptions and phrases, wit, sensuality, and a well-developed story line and characters. You will laugh. You will cry. You will get turned on, and yes, you will be satisfied. Blue’s Singer is not just another book to read. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss!

J Aguilera, MLA
Professional Reviewer, Writer, Poet

Featured books by
Blue Sleighty and Sage Sweetwater


Dominga Rio of Cuero

Blue Sleighty and Sage Sweetwater bring you a new and exciting western novel (lesbian style!), Dominga Rio of Cuero! Prospective release- early 2009! (but we could get lucky)

Dominga Rio of Cuero is a modern day western, lesbian style! Set in a remote part of Texas that is still as wild as the west ever was, this story is a perfect illustration of the fact that no matter how things change- they always remain the same.

Action packed, intelligently researched, and cleverly and beautifully written, Blue and Sage bring you the fruit of over two years of blood, sweat and tears.

Exciting, and sensual. I hope you enjoy Dominga Rio of Cuero! 

Cover by Blue Sleighty  

When the mood hits her, (and, today, it DID) she fires off an anvil and sends it flying in the air! She puts a coil of “feminist fuse” (that being horsehair braided around newspaper, on TOP of the anvil), adds a pile of gunpowder, tops it off with another anvil, and strikes a match.
It is 3 a.m., still dark outside, and fucking BOOM!

Books by Blue Sleighty

My Secret Obsession Erotic Lesbian Stories I
Cover by Blue Sleighty

My Secret Obsession Lesbian Erotic Stories, volume 1 Experience the life and loves of Blue Sleighty. Visit Blue's erotic realm, through these ten delicious tales of excitement and adventure within Blue's world of lesbian sexual pleasure. Break ups! Make ups! Travel! Adventure! Good guys and bad guys! Lots of fun. Blue shares her sexual experiences from a very matter of fact and honest point of view, and with an edge of humor. Guaranteed to turn you on!
My Secret Obsession Erotic Lesbian Stories, Volume 1

My Secret Obsession Erotic Lesbian Stories II
Cover by Blue Sleighty

More wild true tales, by Blue Sleighty! Your old friends from Volume I, still kicking it up in Volume II! Catch the exciting conclusion of the story of Bette and Blue from 'The Blues Singer', in "The Disappearance"! Enjoy another sexy encounter from Joie and Blue in "The Dull Surprise"! Find out what happens, after Bette, for Blue in "My Liza"! See what happens, when Blue tries to 'go corporate' in, "Love Takes a Business Trip"! And, more terror from 'Ricki the cop' for Blue and Lisa, from 'The Personal Ad', in "Running Through The Hills"! New! Bad poetry from Blue's Broken Heart! Sexy, lesbian erotica with a plot, and good humor, from Blue Sleighty!
Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

"Road Kill Heart" by Blue Sleighty, coming in January 2009

Books by Sage Sweetwater

Buckskin Skirt Oar Traveler

THE BUCKSKIN SKIRT OAR TRAVELER is a feminist and lesbian story told of a smart mix of primitive times and modern-day culture, giving us a linkage of how and why we perform womanly tasks the way we do to include the primitive lesbian mating call, which at its best is told through the wild cry of the loon.

The canoe and the trade scene go as far back as time itself. Everything today is tied to ancient times. Sugarbush and the tapping of maple trees to derive the sap to make maple syrup is a sweet, ancient wisdom that has been passed down and flowed over into the modern-day collection of sap to boil into maple syrup.



Set in St. George, Utah and Clovis, New Mexico, FROM THE CONVENT TO THE RAWHIDE: THE SAGA OF SADIE CADE AND VI MONTANA is a modern-day feminist/lesbian western where sex and religion ride together.

Mercedes Cade is on a mission, serving 18 months at the Pish Convent in St. George, Utah as a Mormon missionary, coming to Zion, the promised land, to reunite with the church she was raised in, to find her place in life by the time she is 40.

She is partnered up with Violet Mace-Reese, a rebel politician from Montana who is fed up with unwashed politicians and has come to ask God for direction, perhaps her political career having played itself out when she walked a labyrinth on the lawn of Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. set up to encourage politicians to find inner peace so we can find world peace.

Mercedes Cade and Violet Mace-Reese partner up after serving out their respective missions. They run a mid-size leather ranch and build furniture in Clovis, New Mexico with top-of-the-line gene pool, the cows bred for their perfect hides, showing no scars. They are not branded or fenced by barbed wire, analogous perhaps in search of the perfection of humans and simpler life. The natural grains of their unflawed hides are highly valuable to leather furniture consumers paying for the best leather, perfection, and coddled lifestyle of the cow.

From atop a ridgeline looking down into a quarry where the original Clovis people made their prized spearheads, Vi and Sadie convert from Mormonism to Australian Dreamtime, being that the Mormon religion is just too structured of an environment for the personalities of these two women to live by.
From The Convent To The Rawhide: The Saga Of Sadie Cade And Vi Montana


BLUE CORN WOMAN is a lesbian novel that cries for the blind raven, a story of handicap, abandonment, and revival.BLUE CORN WOMAN animates the desert lesbians in the rugged Superstition Mountains of Arizona where the character of Blue Corn Woman operates her trading post to feed her and her two wolf-dogs, Peyote Two Buttons and Kachina Four Corners.Played out in a seductive game of Desert Monopoly with life-size tokens of affection, Blue Corn Woman must pay attention to their contents to understand her journey. She has a one-night stand with a mysterious Latino woman named Valentina Harmony posing as a sassy cowgirl. Valentina rides off at sunset with her secrets tucked under her saddle. It spurs Blue Corn Woman to search for Ms. Harmony.Blue Corn Woman adopts a half-breed Navajo/Mexican orphan boy with fetal alcohol syndrome after she heals him from being lashed by the local gang.BLUE CORN WOMAN is carved feminist/lesbian spirituality, a Kachina doll symbolizing two women who choose to share one blanket through life on a journey of reviving a pottery hermitage started in the 1960s by Ms. Harmony's grandmother, a homeless gyspy woman.Women have begun showing up to work the clay. The retirement-age group of women can't live on their social security benefits, so they are looking for ways to supplement their income. At Mother Clay, her earning power depends on her mood. Nothing is regimented and there are no time clocks to punch. The clay days are based on the old calendar.
Blue Corn Woman